Founded in 2006 by César Machado Moreira.

César Machado Moreira, was born in Leça da Palmeira in 1974. Finishing is Phd at the Faculdade de Arquitectura do Porto with a research grant from FCT.SFRH/BD/72332/2010. In 2009 he received a Master in Architecture from the University Lusíada. In 2000 he received a Master in Critica y Proyecto from the Escuela Superior Técnica d’Arquitectura de Barcelona and in 1998 he received his degree in Architecture from the University Lusíada of Porto. Professor at Universidade Lusíada since 2001. Investigator integrated in the team’s Studies Centro Arnaldo Araújo. The office has developed projects in different areas of work, from the construction of equipment and habitation to the whitewashing of buildings, trying to find new conceptual responses for each project. The field of inquiry of the office is based on one inter relation of architects, designers and authors establishing bridges between the diverse areas.

Collaborators since 2006
Carla Reis, Marta Mello Sampayo, Fátima Barroso, Pedro Almeida, Hugo Torres, Sneha Kumar, Carla Barbosa, Luís Sequeira, Patricia Alves, Miguel Cabral, Lara Plácido, João Pedro Leal, Mário Teixeira, Julio Pereira, Arzu Ören, Ezgi Bahadirli.